We just want God to hurt them!

Jonah 4:1 But it displeased Jonah exceedingly, and he was very angry.

It might be hard to get us to admit this but I am afraid that it is true much more than we would ever like to admit. We want God to judge somebody. This person or people have done us wrong. We do not want God to forgive them. We do not want God to love them.

If God forgives them then it implies that I should do the same. If God loves them then I should do the same. Jonah has preached to this very wicked people that God is going to punish them. God forgives them instead of punishing them. Jonah is angry.

Could you examine your heart right now to find that person that you hate so much. That person that you want to see God hurt. Does your attitude please God? Should you be thinking like that?

Jonah’s bitterness causes him to look very foolish in this story. Is that how you look with the attitude you currently have?

Just remember the forgiven forgive and the loved love!

1 thought on “We just want God to hurt them!”

  1. Just as in Jonah’s day no one wants to preach to the Arabs of the middle east. They would rather go somewhere easier as Jonah did. May the Lord awaken the Church the need of evangelism in the middle east.

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