Happy Birthday to Trent Cornwell


Today is Trent Cornwell’s birthday. He is our Student Pastor and Missions Mobilizer. He is a tremendous blessing to Vision Baptist Church and to me as his fellow laborer. I love this young man very much and am so grateful that God has allowed us to have a man that is so talented and capable.

He has been greatly used in our church and in many other places as a preacher and man of God. I am thankful for his strong character. I am thankful for his deep love for the Lord Jesus and His work of world evangelism.

Trent is 100% sold out to the Lord Jesus and one of the most passionate men that I have ever known.

God is using him to touch many lives.


Trent, I want to wish you a happy birthday on the behalf of Vision Baptist Church, our leadership, and Betty and I. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for serving God at Vision Baptist. Thank you for being my friend. God bless you and Happy Birthday.


Trent is God’s will for our church and ministry. I have never known better. I am honored to work with you my friend.

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