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Dear Vision,

God has been so good to us. I am so thankful for this new building and the opportunities that He is giving us here. I am even more grateful for the hundreds of hours of work that so many of donated over the last few weeks. Every time I look out and see all of you working and doing so much I just thank God. We really are fellowshipping and striving together for the cause of Jesus Christ and His church.

Little by little the building is beginning to take shape. I am sure that within a few weeks it is going to be a great blessing to all.

I am excited about this new year. I always am. I want every year to be more what Jesus wants me to be. I would like to challenge each of you to read your Bible through this year. I plan on recognizing everyone next year with a certificate if you read your Bible from cover to cover. I know that God will use your time in His Word to grow you as a believer.

I hope you will make it a goal of yours to reach and disciple someone with the gospel message this year. We can make an eternal difference if we will take seriously this ministry of discipleship.

Tonight we will have our monthly Question and Answer session. It seems to be a lot of fun to everyone each month and so come prepare for a great time.

I want to encourage you to be giving your offerings and faith promise. We are in a position now to see God really take us forward as a church. It is your ministry. What you do is between you and God. I just hope you will seek Him and do His will in your life.

Gratefully your pastor,


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