Accusing God!

Job 1:22 In all this Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly.

Job has just heard about the loss of everything that he has. His wealth is gone. His children are gone. Those who brought the report even mentioned that God had sent a fire from heaven that had destroyed Job’s wealth.

But then this last verse in the chapter says something so beautiful and so strong. Job did not charge God foolishly. I am certain that he did not understand what was happening. He had no idea why. He had to be hurt and confused and the rest of the book will make that clear enough. Yet he didn’t sin and he didn’t accuse God of anything.

As I read this verse it hit me how many times I think that I have worked hard and achieved the good things in my life and how many times when things go wrong that I think God has done me wrong. I say to Him, why did you let this happen or why did you do this to me.

I have accused God before, have you? I have little things disturb my peace. I have let little things cause me to have a bad attitude towards God.

Apparently Job knew that all that he had wasn’t his any way! He said, well what I had was a gift from God and He can take it or He can give it, He sure is a good God. So maybe first I should realize that I do not deserve what I have and that all I have has been given to me by a very good God.

When the bad things happened Job worshipped. He did mourn because he rent his mantle and shaved his head but he worshipped. I am often motivated to not seek the Lord when things go wrong. I get angry and want to draw away. Do you have that problem?

I think that today we can learn not to accuse God. We can learn to have the right attitude about things that go wrong in our lives. We can relax and know that God is at work in our lives and He will work it out!

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