Learning Christ

Dear Vision

Ephesians is a power packed book for sure. We are learning what it means to not walk like everyone else and to learn to walk worthily of our position in Christ. We want to learn Christ. We want to put off the old way of living and live a new life in Christ. I hope you are allowing these truths to drive into your heart and grow you in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Get on your calendar that we will be honoring our Grandparents on September 6th. That is next Sunday. It is a great honor for Betty and me to be grandparents. God has given us 11 wonderful grandchildren. As grandparents we are responsible to show our children the way to honor and serve God.

Also be sure and be praying about our Mission’s Conference that will be held September 17-20. Lord willing we will have 10 families here with us. That is going to be the most exciting time in our church’s history. You are not going to want to miss it.

Congratulations to Philip Bassham on getting married. Philip has been a great blessing to Vision and we thank God for him. I know that God will continue to richly bless him as he serves him in this next phase of his life.

Thank you all for the privilege of serving the Lord with you.


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