Never perish!

John 10:28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

Notice that salvation is a give of Jesus Christ to us! He said that He gives eternal life. Eternal means everlasting. Eternal means : having infinite duration, continued without intermission!

It is not something you buy. It is not something you earn. It is a gift of God Romans 6:23.

In case you didn’t understand just how permanent never ending life was He added and they shall never perish.

So we who have been saved by His grace have life of infinite duration that continues without intermission! Not only do we have this sort of life we will never perish.

Never means not ever, at no time, not in any degree, not under any condition!

So I have eternal, everlasting life that continues without end, infinite and without intermission. Then I am promised that I will not perish, not ever, at no time, not in any degree and not under any condition.

Perish means to become destroyed or ruined or to cease to exist! That is exactly what I am promised will never happen to me.

Who made the promise-the Lord Jesus Christ. Who gave me the salvation-the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lastly who hold me in His hand? The Lord Jesus Christ.

Salvation is by the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a forever salvation. The only way it can be any less is for it to be a salvation produced by your good works, your church, or another being. The salvation that Jesus gives is forever.

You can rest assured that He that saved you can and will keep you. He that started this good work in you will carry to completion Philippians 1:6

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