The Forgiven forgive!

Matthew 18:33 Shouldest not thou also have had compassion on thy fellowservant, even as I had pity on thee?

The story is a classic. The first man owes a debt that he literally could never have paid. He is called to pay. When he can’t pay he is condemned to suffer in prison until he can pay. Don’t forget that he will never be free because there is absolutely no way that he can pay.

He then begs to be forgiven. He pleads for mercy. He in no way deserves it but he still begs.

He is forgiven. He is allowed to go free and his debt is cancelled.

Going out the door and down the way he immediately sees someone that owes him a small debt. He gets very angry and demands payment.

Though he has just been forgiven a far greater debt he imposes on the man to pay. He places his debtor in the same conditions that had been placed on him.

The debtor begins to beg for forgiveness but receives none. He is placed in prison to suffer until he can pay the debt.

The forgiven one will not forgive but wants to exact all the pain that he can from his debtor.

The lord then calls the first man in and makes him suffer and pay his debt because of his unforgiving heart.

This is not a story about our salvation. It is a story about forgiving and forgiveness. If you are forgiven you should be so grateful, so happy that you would forgive others.

You are not literally free until you can forgive. Though you have been forgiven your hard heart and bitterness are keeping you as a prisoner in your hurt.

When we have experienced forgiveness we know how it liberates us. This same compassion and love that has been shown to us should be extended to others.

Holding on to our hurt, bitterness, anger really only hurts us. It causes us to be tied to the past, doesn’t free us for the future, keeps us from enjoying the present. This bitterness will literally rob us and cause great suffering and heart ache.

Remember, the forgiven forgive! That is a Bible truth that rings out and echoes from page to page throughout!

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