World Evangelism Quotes

· Why should anyone hear the gospel twice before everyone has heard it once. Oswald J. Smith

· “Father make me a crisis man. Bring those I contact to decision. Let me not be a milepost on a single road; make me a fork, that men must turn one way or another on facing Christ in me” Jim Elliot

· The church that does not evangelize will fossilize

· The mission of the church is missions!

· This generation can only reach this generation!

· Only as the church fulfills her missionary obligation does she justify her existence.

· If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him! C T Studd

· As long as there are millions destitute of the Word of God and knowledge of Jesus Christ, it will be impossible for me to devote time and energy to those who have both. J L Ewen

· Why should so few hear the Gospel again and again when so many have never heard it once? Oswald J Smith

· Farther, still farther, into the night.

· Church of Christ, what wilt thou say When in the awful judgment day, They charge thee with their doom?

· A hundred thousand souls a day
Are passing one by one away
In Christless guilt and gloom
Without one ray of hope and light
With future dark as endless night
They’re passing to their doom

· Now let me burn out for God. Henry Martyn

· Stir me, Oh! stir me Lord–I care not how,
But stir my heart in passion for the world;
Stir me to give, to go, but most to pray,
Stir, till the blood red banner be unfurled
O’er lands that in heathen darkness lie,
O’er deserts where no cross is lifted high.

· Untold millions are still untold!

· If God wills the evangelization of the world, and you refuse to support missions, then you are opposed to the will of God! Oswald J. Smith

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