Getting Reasonably Involved in Missions

How do you get reasonably involved in world evangelism? I am not sure that you can. It is a pretty important cause. It is the cause of getting the name of Jesus and His gospel to the entire world.

Think of how Paul took it when he heard the command. He really believed it. He thought God meant it when he said for us to go into all the world. He didn’t take it as a generic statement. It wasn’t just something he heard at church. He gave his life to it.

What is your attitude when you read Acts 1:8 or Mark 16:15? Who do you reckon He was talking to? Does that have anything to do with you?

Notice that it appears that they had taken the gospel to the entire known world in their life time. They were serious about it. It didn’t matter what it cost in time, money, loss of comfort, prayer, or whatever. Read and think on these verses. Colossians 1:6, Colossians 1:23, Romans 10:18

Did the world hear the gospel? Did they make every effort to fulfill the great commission? Did they take the commission personally? Do we?

Do we think that it is a shame on us that some people around the world have not heard the gospel message? 1 Corinthians 15:34. Remember Paul writes this to the most carnal church that he sends a letter to! We certainly ought to rank higher than that. We should have more of a desire to please God than this church.

Will you begin to feel a desire to get the gospel to the world?

How did Paul take the Commission? What time frame did He see? Did he feel like there was plenty of time and that he could get around to it any time or was it a personal responsibility?

Who was the Commission given to? Was it given to a bunch of guys that are already dead so it doesn’t apply to us? Was it given to the pastor so you are free? Was it only given to a few, elite, men and women that are called? Or was it given to all of us?

What attitude should you take? Do you pray for Missionaries personally Romans 15:30? Get their letters. Write them. Visit them. Get personally involved. Know their needs. Help meet their needs!

Be a Personal Soul Winner. Get involved in the ministry of your church. Invite people, your friends to come and hear the gospel. Feel a personal responsibility!

Get involved in training new missionaries through the Sunday School and other ministries of your church. Get involved in discipleship.

Become a real sacrificial giver through Faith Promise. Personally see world evangelism as your responsibility.

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