Devising and working!

Micah 2:1 Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! when the morning is light, they practise it, because it is in the power of their hand.

Micah pronounces a woe on the wicked people that would lay in bed at night and think, plan, and plot to do wickedly. They go to bed at night and can not sleep until they think up something to do that is wrong.

They not only think it through but they get up the next day and do it. They put it into practice. They do so because it is within their ability to do so. These are no pipe dreams. They make them a reality.

When I read this I must admit that my heart goes immediately to the other side of the equation. I begin to question myself about how many times you or I lay in bed at night and begin to devise something good. How often do we lay awake at night and think, plan, and plot to do something good.

They serve their false master well. Their heart seems to be knit to his. The question is about our heart now, Are we so in love with God and right that it consumes our thoughts as we work out something good to do?

I can only imagine that instead of woe we would hear that He is blessing us. What can you do for the cause of the kingdom? Think of something that is within your power to accomplish. Maybe write a letter. Maybe make a phone call. Maybe do something at church to make the church more inviting.

Maybe do something for someone simply because you can and then give all the credit to the Lord Jesus Christ.

What if we each decided to start lying in bed at night and thinking of something that we could do then the next morning as soon as the sun comes up let’s be up and at it.

Let’s not dream of things too big for us. Let it be something we can put into practice. Let’s not dream up something for someone else to do but rather something that is in the power of our hand to do.

I believe that we could each make a difference if we really wanted to. I wonder if you can think of something. Maybe you could give me some ideas right here in the comment section. What can we do?

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  1. How convicting and true this is. Thank you for setting the example of a man that dreams of God can use him and others. The OG Camp this week was truly beyond words. Oh that God would raise up a generation of young people that would dream dreams of being used of God and seeing His name known in all the earth.

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