For we which have believed do enter into rest. Hebrews 4:3

As I was reading and studying for tomorrow I just looked up George Muller in Spurgeon’s writings. I wasn’t going to burden you with more to read but I couldn’t help myself when I read this great quote. It has much to do with the great stress that many of you are under due to financial hardship!

I know there are some Christians who do not believe about daily bread and are worried about it. There are some who cannot believe. They get wanting to drive their own horses instead of sitting in the chariot and allowing the Lord to drive. They lose their rest.

I know there are some who want to carve for themselves, but they cut their fingers and get but a small slice upon their plates; whereas if they left it all to God and did their part to it, namely, were obedient to God’s will and left the rest to Him, they would fare far better. They do not believe, and, therefore, do not rest; but you shall always find that in proportion as they believe they rest.

Did you ever hear of a more restful man than George Muller, of Bristol? — a perfectly happy man with the care of an establishment with more than two thousand children — no care at all because he believes his Father about it and he leaves the Lord to manage the orphanage. I often wish ! could do that. Don’t you wish so, too?

Who are you that should say, “I have cast my burden on the Lord,” and then go back and take it again? How is it you can talk of leaving it with Him, and then, after all, try and bear it yourself? But he that believes has entered into rest.

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