Charles Spurgeon and Hudson Taylor

As I was preparing for the message on tomorrow morning I was meditating on the following verse:

Hebrews 13:1-2 Let brotherly love continue. Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

As I read, prayer, and prepared I thought of Charles Spurgeon and Hudson Taylor. Charles Spurgeon was probably the one of greatest used English speaking preachers that ever lived. He pastored a church in the 1800’s and preached to thousands. His church since thousands of dollars to the mission field and many missionaries as well.

Hudson Taylor is one of the most famous missionaries in history. He went to China and formed the China Inland Mission. God greatly used him to get the gospel where it had never been before.

Charles Surgeon mentions Hudson Taylor at least thirty times in his preaching and writing. They were great friends. But what can only grab my imagination is what it must have been like to be in a room with these great men as they talked of the work of God and the great God that they served.

As you think about entertaining think of the great blessing it must be to your family to have the opportunity to entertain our young missionaries. You have no idea what may happen or how God may use them.

Today as we read about Hudson Taylor meeting with Charles Spurgeon it is a great and wonderful thought. Did you know that God has given us the opportunity to love and serve some great young missionaries? You never know how God will eventually use them.

I call on you to love and entertain these men that God has given us the privilege of knowing. Many are members of our church. I wanted my children to know the great men of God. They had that privilege and now yours do as well.

Thomas Spurgeon, son to Charles Spurgeon, wrote the following about just being in the room with these great men of God.

Most to his mind, however, were the King’s three mighty men, George Muller, John Bost, and Hudson Taylor. In the company of these kindred spirits, he literally revelled. Was I not honored to be an onlooker?

Hudson Taylor often went by Spurgeon’s Tabernacle to have the church pray for him or his missionaries as they left for China!

On Monday evening, October 6, additional interest was given to the prayer-meeting at the Tabernacle by the presence of several young men who were about to engage in the work of the CHINA INLAND MISSION. Mr. Hudson Taylor has yet another regiment of Missionaries to go to China, thus making a grand addition to the workers in that country. Will not our readers remember this increasing work in their prayers? Will they not also help it when they are dividing out the Lord’s money?

I won’t take the time now to tell you how much of a great friend he was to George Muller as well. The three loved each other and supported each other’s ministry. I hope we can get behind others in a similar fashion!

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