The Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley


The book takes a very simple truth and drives it home page after page. It is that your current direction will determine your destination.

We look for solutions to problems that we brought on ourselves. It is not that we are not intelligent but there is a huge disconnect. We don’t realize that our direction is determining our destination.

The first step in choosing the right path is not a problem of information but one of submission.

We need to acknowledge God in all of our ways and decisions.

Our emotions confuse us and cause us to make poor decisions that put us on the path or in the direction that will cause us great trouble. All of life is filled with decision making situations that occur in emotionally charged environments.

The book is filled with simple wisdom that we have overlooked. As Andy says there is really nothing new here but we need to understand and apply what we know. We heard our parents say it and we know it to be true. It is your direction more than it is what you are doing.

I suggest that young people read the book to learn and apply the principle of the path. Many people that come to me for counseling could apply this principle. If you are on the road doing that where do you really expect it to take you.

We never get to the point that we do not need the wisdom of others and wise counsel. There are so many of these good quotes in the book that the quotes alone make the book worth reading.

What gets our attention determines our direction and ultimately our destination.

You can’t trust your intentions so get focused on the direction you are taking today.

I found this book to be worth your reading.

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