Mission’s Conference

Our World Vision Celebration will be September 17-20, 2009. I just confirmed that Dr. Dean Hamby will be with us during that week. He will explain Faith Promise to us.

The Hambys served in the Ivory Coast, West Africa as church planting missionaries for many years. God has greatly used them. They now serve as the Assistant Director for Macedonia World Baptist Missions.

You will love his preaching, stories, and fellowship. Mark your calendars now. Get ready World Vision Celebration is on its way.
Kevin and Corli Hall will also be with us for the entire time. They are missionaries that we support and have been part of Vision since the start. Kevin is an exciting young preacher and you are going to love both of them.

The pulpit is actually hand made by Kevin and was a gift from him to our church.

Here is a picture of their ministry.

Lord willing I will have more missionaries to announce in the coming days.

Tyler Masters will be with us also. They are missionaries that are members of our church and going to North Africa.
This is going to be a wild and exciting time.

There will be displays from many different parts of the world. We need your help now to get everything ready. Be sure and get in touch with John Pearson to learn how you can help.

We will be hosting meals, giving missionaries a place to stay, setting up displays, decorating, praying, and everything you can imagine to get ready for our most important event of the year.

There will be more news to come.

This year we have set as our goal to reach $75,000 in faith promise giving. I will give you some ideas as we go along about what faith promise means and how you can get involved.

Mark your calendar and start praying now.

2 thoughts on “Mission’s Conference”

  1. our current faith promise giving is $60,000

    Bro Austin wants to break $75,000

    we had 57 adults in s.s yesterday starting with single focus on up

    if only 50 adults would give $6 a week more(or start giving) we would break the $75,000

    very doable since these are s.s. numbers and more come for the service

    not to mention the teens etc.

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