Pray for Pastor Alfred Willis

Hello Everyone,
My pastor for over 20 years, Bro. Alfred Willis is back in the hospital again with heart problems. As many of you know. Bro. Alfred had open heart surgery 9 years ago. On January 31st he had another heart attack. They put in two stints released him from the hospital. He was home 15 minutes and had another heart attack. They took him back to the hospital and put in two more stints. He has been very weak and resting trying to regain his strength, but has had pains in his chest almost everyday since he was released from the hospital. Yesterday it got so severe that he want back to the ER and was admitted for a third time.

I just got off the phone with Marci, his daughter and she requested that I ask as many people as possible, if they could fast 1 meal for Bro. Alfred Willis. So that the doctors could find out what the problem is with his heart. Pray, yes but please go without just one meal one day and pray for him.

I am 5000 miles away and can do nothing to help my pastor of 20 years. But I can do one of the most powerful things this side of heaven. That is fast and pray. Would you please do this for this dear man of God? Thank you for your time.

Bro. Jeff Krontz
Serving in Bulgaria

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