Pastor’s note for April 26

Dear people of Vision

What a great day as you look at the story of Noah today and learn more about your faith. I am so glad that you get to hear Trent Cornwell. He is one of the finest young men of God that I know. He is a great preacher and God is doing great things in his life and ministry. We are blessed to have him on our church staff.

Betty and I are in Arequipa, Peru. I will be preaching the same message 3 times in the morning and then the evening message. Going to be fun and may be what I need to get ready for what we will be doing as we grow in a building that isn’t quite as big as we might want. Lord willing we will arrive in Atlanta on Wednesday at about 8:30 am. I am missing Vision big time and looking forward to being with you again on Thursday.

God really used many of you to make a difference with Dodge Hunger. I have gotten the report and I am excited to see the way you pulled together and did so much so effectively. Thank you.

I hope you will be praying and inviting your friends to come to a church where they will hear the word of God preached with passion and excitement. I hope you will be able to tell them that God is at work in your heart and life through Vision Baptist Church.

God bless each of you


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