The following comes from a Christianity Today article. I think it makes some very good points that all of us need to take into account. Read and enjoy. The bold print is added by me for emphasis.

“We need to remember that God has established his church as an alternative society, not to compete with or copy this world, but to offer a refreshing alternative to it,” Tchividjian writes in his recently released book, Unfashionable: Making a Difference in the World by Being Different.

“When we forget this, we inadvertently communicate to our culture that we have nothing unique to offer, nothing deeply spiritual or profoundly transforming. Tragically, this leaves many in our world looking elsewhere for the difference they crave,” he adds.

“I was a seeker being reached, not by a man-centred, trendy show, but by a God-centred, transcendent atmosphere,” he recalls.

The Jacksonville-born preacher is convinced that serious seekers today aren’t looking for something appealing and trendy.

“They’re looking for something deeper than what’s currently in fashion,” Tchividjian insists.

Through Unfashionable, the south Florida pastor makes the case for Christians to make a difference in the world by being different from the world. He explains what it means to be out of style in the culture, to pattern ideas, beliefs, methods and tastes in alignment with God’s ways and not the world’s.

He also makes a passionate plea for Christians to stop trying so hard to be cool, to fit in, and instead be courageous enough to be different.

“Truthfulness, not trendiness is what new generations are thirsting for,” Tchividjian writes. “They want to know there are people out there with their sights set on a different world.”

Tchividjian hopes to mobilise a generation of God-saturated missionaries who will “live against the world for the world” and not be “seduced by cool” or what’s fashionable.

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