Thursday morning in Arequipa

Betty and I are having a wonderful time with 5 of our grandchildren and 2 of our children. The other half are back in the states but this is a very unusual opportunity on our part to be free and with them so much.

I am excited to see how God is working here. I got to preach at the Faith church last night. The house was nearly full. Many more than when I used to work here. The spirit was sweet and they seemed to have a real hunger for the word of God.

So many things go on here that I dream of us doing at Vision. They of course broadcast every service on Television. They have their own TV station. That might be a stretch but one that I wouldn’t mind making some day.

They have very good projectors and back drops for all they do in the services and different series. Their projection spots on the walls have nice wood borders like a picture frame that makes it much more elegant.

God has been giving them up to 30 watching via the Internet from all over the world. That is awesome considering the quality of Internet here in Peru.

Yesterday we saw the nice new apartment where Joy and the kids will be moving. It is small but nice and will free her financially and house keeping wise to a great degree.

The kids are doing great. Benjamin can read! That is great for grandparents. Of course the beautiful thing is that they speak both Spanish and English fluently. That is wonderful and one of the added benefits you get from being a missionary. It actually makes you more intelligent and gives you greater ability on intelligence and college entrance tests.

The weather, well, is Arequipa weather. It is beautiful. Gets a little warm before the day is over but never hot. Perfect sleeping weather and every other kind of weather.

I am going to preach at the Bible College today. I know it is vacation time but I love to preach and I love these people.

I must say that I am very proud of Chris and Andria for the way God is using them to lead this work and do great things for the Lord. I love to see their growth.

I can’t wait to see David and Katie get to be down here and take up their part of the work.

Jeremy and Bekah Hall are doing great and slowly learning the language which is the most important job for the first part of your life on the mission field.

I will write more later but just happy to see all that God is doing and proud of my children and even more proud of the God I serve and how He works in our lives.

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  1. Derik Lawrence

    Glad you’re able to spend some time with your children and grandchildren. You sound like a granddaddy. I can also hear the love for the Peruvians in your voice. Please tell everyone hello for me.

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