The Grey Areas

I want to start a little study over the grey areas in the Christian life. Things that the Bible does not state clearly and dogmatically.

I am afraid that for many years I majored on minors and minored on majors. I am afraid that as a missionary and as a pastor I have made my opinions laws without Bible backing.

As I grow in grace I try to study out more and more exactly what the Bible says. I want to be a Bible man. I want to preach and teach clear Biblical truth.

For many years I was more known for what I was against than what I was for. As I read biographies and history I am alarmed that I have gotten myself into positions that aren’t biblical nor historical. I have been led by men rather than clear Bible study.

I do not want this to be the story of those of Vision Baptist Church. So I ask you to bear with me over the next few days as we walk through Romans 14. It will take a long time because I will not move quickly but I hope to say what the Bible says and to say it clearly.

Romans 14:1 Him that is weak in the faith receive ye, but not to doubtful disputations.

Here is the chapter that deals with doubtful disputations, opinions, or grey areas. In our church we will always have people of differing levels of spiritual maturity. We are to receive all of them but not to

doubtful meaning dubious; not settled in opinion; undetermined; wavering; hesitating; ambiguous; not clear in its meaning; as a doubtful expression, admitting of doubt; not obvious, clear or certain; questionable; not decided; as a doubtful case; a doubtful proposition; it is doubtful what will be the event of the war, of uncertain issue.

That is a dictionary definition of the word doubtful! So we will be discussing things that are not settled in opinion, not clear in meaning, well, you get the idea!

doubtful from the word meaning to reason, in the sense of dispute, debate, contention with synonyms such as a questioning; contradiction.

That definition is from the meaning of the greek word.

Now the last word disputations meaning the act of disputing; a reasoning or argumentation in opposition to something, or on opposite sides; controversy in words; verbal contest, respecting the truth of some fact, opinion, proposition or argument.

disputations meaning to distinguish, decide, judge. This also could be rendered as doubts, scruples. Synonyms are diagnosis, judgment, thorough understanding; opinion.

So over the next few days lets understand a problem that was going on in the church. The problem was what to do about eating meat offered to idols.

I hope you will come along for the study.

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