Trip to Peru

Last year Rhonda Gibby came with us to Peru for the Pastor’s Conference. She saw how rushed everything was for us so Joe and Rhonda decided to pay for our trip down with skymiles. All Betty and I had to pay was the taxes, fees and whatever we do while we are here. Thank you Joe and Rhonda for being so kind to us.

They are probably going to kill me for that paragraph and never help again.

We left the house Monday morning for the airport at 9 am. Mark Coffey took us to the airport as he has done many times.

We flew to Houston and then on down to Lima. In Lima we sat in the airport and took the 3:55 am flight to Arequipa. We arrived here at the house at about 6:30 am or 7:30 Georgia time. That means we were traveling nearly 23 hours but it was worth it.

I am excited to be here and Andrew, our grandson, just came in and gave us a kiss.

When we got here we came to our room and went to bed until now and it is nearly 1 pm. I have been working on blogs, email, devotions etc for over an hour though.

Thanks for all that everyone of you do to make it possible for us to be here and to take this time as a family vacation.

I will not get out of the habit of preaching though because I should end up preaching about 10 times this week.

Thanks again to one and all.

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