Time is so short and Life is so fragile

I just read an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that brings the truth of a recent devotional right home to all of us! It is so tragic and so true. It causes us to know that we must count our days and learn wisdom. We literally have no idea how long we will live.

A woman was killed in crash that had ‘everything going right.’ The lady finally was living the life she deserved, friends and family say.

On Easter the new family went out for a Sunday drive. At about 1:45 p.m. a car accident occurred that started a chain reaction of accidents that ended with five people dead.

Family members are trying to understand why the bubbly people-pleaser was taken from them — especially at this time in her life.

She used her struggles to instruct others. She wrote and lectured on how she rose above abuse she suffered from her father and first husband, according to her Web site.

What a sad, heart wrenching story! It is however a story that happens every day some where around the world. The thing that sticks out to me is that this dear lady was trying to make a difference. I wonder what they would say in the paper about us if it were us.

What are we doing that makes a difference? How are you using God’s work in your life to help others? Time is short. You never know when this life is going to be over. You must make the big decisions now. You can not put them off until tomorrow. Life is fragile.

Don’t waste your life!

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