He answers prayer!

Psalm 81:10 I am the LORD thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt: open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it.

He is the God that saved us, brought us out of Egypt! He that saved us says, open your mouth wide, ask, and I will fill it!

The verse seems to indicate great freedom in prayer. We are told to pour out our heart to God, to tell Him all that we need. We can tell Him what is on our heart and mind. We can make all of our needs known to Him in prayer.

We can enter into His presence with boldness and fervency! We can enter knowing that He is a God that hears and answers prayer. We can lay hold of His promises and ask Him in faith to hear and answer us. We can expect Him to do more for us than we ever expected.

We should open our mouth wide in praise and thanksgiving that we have such a God. He deserves our praise.

We should open our mouths wide like the little bird that waits on the parent to feed it! We should take our needs to Him in prayer but we should also be asking Him to teach us His Word and about His person. We are hungry, in other words, to know Him and His truths.

In times of great need we are not to worry but to pray. We are to take our petitions to Him and even as we ask we are to give Him thanks knowing that He will answer our prayer. Philippians 4:6-7.

Pray, lay it all out before Him, thank Him and then trust Him! Then instead of getting up with the same worries know that He said He will fill your mouth. Get up trusting and expecting God to do something about what you asked Him.

What a promise! He not only answers my prayers but tells me to pray and to pray big. Get a hold of Him in prayer. Ask Him for something big, something you think could never happen and trust Him.

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