The Great Eight, How to be Happy


Scott Hamiton is the famous Olympic skater. He has suffered from a brain tumor and testicular cancer. He tells his story in this book and explains how to be happy even when you have every reason to be miserable.

This is an inspirational, positive thinking book! It has lots of good points. The book is obviously built around eight principles that Scott believes are secrets to your happiness. I think every book I read can be worth the read if I find one or two thoughts that are worth it. This book contains more than that.

One of the truths that I enjoyed as a pastor was found in the chapter on “Trust your Almighty Coach!” Scott discusses different types of coaches. He tells stories about his coaches. The part that applied to me was that coaches should be careful not to get in over their heads.

Many coaches try to take the skater to a level where they have no understanding. He says that few are willing to say that I have done all I can for you. It is time for me to help you find the person that can take you to the promised land. The great failure he says is when the skater becomes an extension of the coach’s ego!

Another great truth was on using our past failures as a crutch to keep failing. Since we refuse to forgive ourselves for the past we can’t get over it and on to the next thing that is before us.

Another great truth was on keeping the ice clear, or open lines of communication. We often are people pleasers and will not confront people when we should. We build up bitterness that only hinders our future success.

Last truth from here is that you need to focus on building up others and you will find your own self worth. I like the idea that you have no success until you build a successor. I do not want to be one of a kind. I want to reproduce in others the truths that God has used in my life.

The book is an easy, quick read! It will give you some good ideas about happiness and success.

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