Vision Baptist has a choir!


For three years now I have asked God for a choir and wanted a choir for Vision Baptist. We have in the past had a choir on several occasions but it was mostly the young ladies of our church and one or two men.

Last night the choir was full and not only that full of men. I was so excited and proud of our people.

We have wonderful people working with our music. Philip Bassham does a great job. Kristen Pearson is a wonderful blessing on the piano.

Scott Newton went to work to get us a choir and they sang last night. That is a milestone for us. I pray we never go back and it just keeps growing. The choir did a great job.

I hope soon that they are singing every Sunday morning as well.

The picture is blurry because I looked around and noticed that no one had a camera for this historic moment. Mark Coffey took this picture with my cell phone camera. Not the best but still to be remembered.

Thank you to all of you. Thanks Scott. Thanks Kristen. Thanks Philip.

God bless all of you that sang last night and especially the men.

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