Masters Family Prayer Letter

I hope you are remembering to pray for the Masters family as they travel, preach, and prepare for the mission field.  They are our staff missionaries and we ought to love them and let them know it!

March flew by and April is already picking up speed. In three and a half weeks Gretchen, Norah, and I traveled from Ohio to Georgia, then to Alabama. Immediately following that mission conference we headed straight to Philadelphia, followed by a meeting in Maryland, and now finally we are in New England for a few days. It certainly has been an adventure, and we are thrilled about everything that is going on both in our ministry as well as in our family life.
We had the privilege of participating in three mission conferences and several other meetings throughout the month of March and the Lord blessed in all of them. Every church we visited went out of its way to make us feel welcomed and comfortable while we were there. It was exciting to see the people go further this year in their faith promise giving than ever before in spite of the financial challenges most are facing today. It is humbling to be on the receiving end of what is occurring.
Four churches have already promised to take us on for support starting this month. That will put us at 85% of our goal, and our schedule is packed with several more meetings and conferences in New York and Pennsylvania throughout the next two months. Please pray for these meetings to go as well as the others we had this last month.
A few weeks ago, Gretchen and I received some exciting news. This coming October we are expecting a new addition to our family. We had an ultrasound taken and the baby looks strong and healthy at this point. Norah is getting ready to be a big sister and loves to practice by cradling her own baby dolls or any other baby her size or smaller for that matter. Since we have at least another six months until our next baby is born, we are now scheduling meetings through the end of the year.
Felipe and his family are still raising support and hope to leave South America around the same time that we do. The Lord has blessed his ministry with churches from Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, and the United States partnering together with him as he prepares to take the gospel to Morocco. The Lord is using his testimony to encourage other South Americans to give their lives as missionaries to the unreached people groups of the world as he raises support for his own family. Please continue to pray for more laborers like Felipe who are willing to give their lives to see the name of Jesus Christ exalted amongst the forgotten nations of this world.
To God Be the Glory,
Tyler J. Masters
P.O. Box 519
Braselton, GA 30517
(614) 417-1523

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