On the edge of a great revival!

Article from the Washington Post

Pardon me, but Christians should feel fine. This is not the end of American Christian dominance, though it may mark the end of the religious left.

Signs of revival are everywhere amongst serious Christians.

If American history is any guide to the American present, we are on the edge of a great revival of traditional Christianity. Americans will reject the consumerism, whether secular or religious, that has marked so much of the last few decades. Anyone who cannot see that money and power cannot make a man happy now is willfully blind.

Christianity that is anti-intellectual will die. Christianity that is in the grip of trendy intellectualism will remain irrelevant.

This is not the main thing, however. Christianity will survive and thrive, not because of anything people do but because it is true. God exists and He is not silent. Any system that ignores that reality will fail. The better news is that God loves humankind and sent Jesus to reconcile the way we are with the way He is.

Christianity is not, after all, fundamentally about externals or even about cultivating virtue. Many of my secular friends, not gripped by extremism, show great virtue and compassion. What Christianity offers is deep inner healing of a broken relationship between God and humankind. It is not in the end about me, but about Him. I am lonely and isolated until I find my rest in Him.

Click on the link above and read the entire article because I have only taken out a few quotes. It is a good article.

Keep teaching and preaching the truth. The gates of hell will never prevail against His church! I know that God has a great future for Vision. We will not get into the trendy games. We will preach Bible. We will teach people God’s Word and how to walk with Him!

We have a great future as a church until He comes to take us home!

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