How important is God’s Word to you?

Job 23:12 Neither have I gone back from the commandment of his lips; I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food.

Job is suffering! He is raising his complaint to God. Then he makes a statement that ought to be true in and of all of us! He basically says that he would rather think on, meditate, understand, seek the Word of God more than even the food that he needs to live! Notice that he does not only think about God’s Word but obeys it and puts it into practice. That is the true key to how important God’s Word is to you. Do you practice what you are reading and learning?

The question for us today is how important is the Word of God to us? Do you set aside time every day to seek God in prayer and Bible study? It does not have to be a long time but it should be a consistent time. You need to be disciplined.

You can read just 15 minutes a day you will get through the entire Bible and slowly begin to learn the heart and mind of God. It is a big book and can cause you to be afraid of it but if you will simply set aside a few minutes and read it each day you will get through all of it and find yourself learning more every day. It will be fun. You will enjoy it and I can promise you that you will if you will simply let God work in you through His Word.

Do not make a legalistic rule about your Bible reading. You do not need to feel guilty about reading it but read it because you want to.

There is a lot to learn and you want to learn all you can as soon as you can so get involved in a Sunday School class. Get into all the preaching services and don’t miss so that you can be getting extra. Get involved in one of the discipleship groups.

God’s Word will thrill you and change you. Do not just read but think about what you read. Then be sure and allow what you read to begin to affect the way you think and act during the day.

Do not worry about having questions. If you do we are here to help you. Come and ask. Learn all that you can. This is the most wonderful adventure you could ever hope to be on. You are learning to walk spiritually and to grow in grace.

How important is God’s Word to you?

2 thoughts on “How important is God’s Word to you?”

  1. “Excellent devotional, Austin. Well said. Good point about the guilt/legalism that discourages so many people. I remember one preacher boasting that he read 21 chapters every day. Not sure that does much to encourage people who are trying to be consistent. You are point on: consistency is the goal.”

    from Dean Herring

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