More from Bolivia!

God is always so good to us! Things have been busy here as we talk, plan, and pray asking God to do great things in the work here in Cochabamba, Bolivia. God is greatly using the Kevin White family and the Jorge Montenegro family. They work together as a great team. I am very proud to be able to call them my friends.

God has allowed us to see two more saved last night. The room was packed. Though I do not like preaching in a banquet setting it went very well last night and I felt complete freedom to preach and that the people really listened.

I see God working in Kevin and Jorge’s lives developing them into greater and greater leaders each day and helping them train leaders of leaders. The attendance is growing but more importantly the leaders are growing and they are preparing others to lead.

Traveling with Sam Paxin is a great blessing. He loves the Lord and is so kind to me. He is a tremendous friend and encouragement.

The ability to know that Vision is in very good and capable hands is a blessing beyond words as I prepare to preach here in Bolivia.

Knowing that I have friends all over the world preaching the gospel today thrills my soul.

Knowing that I have sons, daughters, and spiritual sons and daughters standing to proclaim the Word makes this a very special morning.

Today I will preach and teach only 3 more times. Then the main load of work and pressure will be off until I get home.

Can I encourage all of our church people and any friends, pastors, and missionaries that read this blog to get to the mission field soon. Visit the good missionaries that are getting the job done. Visit those that are preparing leaders and equipping them to do the work. Make Bolivia one of your stops.

You will not find a kinder or more thoughtful hostess than Beth White. Though she is to give birth at any time she is a tireless worker and has been so kind to meet every need that I could even think of even before I thought of it.

I am so proud of my wife, who in my opinion, is an example to all women everywhere in what to do and how to be as a wife. God is good.

I thank God for a church like Vision. You motivate me and challenge me. I know that you love God and are work serving Him. I am expecting Him to do great things and to use us for His honor and glory.

Well I have rambled on and who knows if I even addressed what was the theme of this post but I enjoyed getting to say it.

God bless each of you. Have a wonderful Sunday.

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