Celebrate with me!

God has been very good to us at Vision Baptist. He has done the work and He has done great things.

He has brought wonderful people to our church! The church doesn’t feel much like a church in many ways but more like a family. I hear lots of people say that.

God has given us a church that doesn’t focus on externals but internals and we have seen God change people from the inside out!

God has given us great Christ exalting, spirit up lifting, exciting music. I think you feel an air of expectation when you enter the building. We have people who get their early and practice long hours to make our music and worship service what it is.

God has given us 8 missionary families as part of our church family. They are more than missionaries that we support. They are members of our church, sent out from our church, they are our church!

God has given us wonderful people to work with our children. We have wonderful youth workers. Great Sunday School classes for all ages. God has been so good to us!

God continues to send new people to our church. He is sending wonderful people with a desire to be used and in a week or two they feel like they have been there forever and I think you know what I mean.

God has given us wonderful services where the Holy Spirit is working in lives. God has allowed the Bible to be preached with excitement, passion, and power.

God has met our every need for three years now. We have not and are not late on any bills. We have given over $250,000 to missions. God has been good to us.

I have been celebrating just writing all of this down. I hope you can celebrate God’s goodness and grace to us right now as you read this. I am sure that you will think of even more things.

God has given us so many nationalities. That is something that I love about our church.

I really enjoy walking in and shaking hands with everyone. It is always a joy to see so many happy, smiling faces.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for what you have done. Thank you God for your grace. Thank you Holy Spirit for working and moving. Thank you for your Word and your power when it is preached. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you at Vision Baptist Church!

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