Great News from Morocco!

The following came in from a missionary friend in Morocco! It is exciting to see what God is doing! Be praying that great things will happen!

I just received that email from Suffian at 12:30. He left this morning at 4 am on a two day trip to follow up on people who have requested a Gospel MP3 Player from us after having watched our Sat. TV show or seen our website, At 1 pm Suffian is meeting another contact and then at 4 he’ll be doing a discipleship lessons with a new believer in that city we recently baptized.

I feel like a dad who’s seeing his kid take his first steps by himself (since I know how that feels twice). I remember a year and a half ago right after Suffian had accepted Christ as his Savior. It took us one WHOLE day of showing him the Bible before he would accept that Baptism was not for salvation. It was like pulling teeth, really. He is taking his vacation time this week since everyone is off two days for the “Aid al Mulud Nabi” The Prophet’s Birthday (Mohammed) and he is spending his working for Jesus. The whole two day trip with food and all will cost about $50.

He has taken many follow up trips (maybe 10 or so) with me but this is his first solo flight. Speak to our Heavenly Father on behalf of our brother Suffian this morning and tomorrow.

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