Mark Coffey’s prayer letter


Peru Baptist college & The Our Generation Training Center

Dear Pastor and Church Member

I can really tell that our meetings are picking up by how fast the month goes by. This past couple of weeks I have been in West Virginia, Ohio, South Carolina, and North Carolina. The Lord has given us some great meetings and I am thankful to all the great churches that we visited. Every one of them took care of our travel expenses and really had a heart for missionaries. Thank you so much for be a blessing.
Please be praying for my travels this month. I will be in Texas on the 15 of February and every where else in between. I am looking forward to having the opportunities I will get to encourage people toward world missions and to let them know about the Peru Baptist College.

Missionary Ronald Tubillas, who is a missionary from Peru to the US Hispanics is doing well. There have been a few churches that have said they are going to be supporting him on a monthly basis. Right now he is still around $600 short every month so please pray that comes in as soon as possible. If you are interested in helping him you can send support to Macedonia World Baptist Missions.

I know during these economic times it has been difficult for churches to raise their faith promise so we really appreciate those churches that are able to partner with us. I just had a great meeting last week where a church was able to take our family and the Peru Baptist College on for support.
With the Our Generation Summit behind us we are now looking forward to the Our Generation Camp this coming June. We are changing the camp up a little this year and opening it up to high school students along with the college students. The dates of this years’ camp are June 15-19. Our camp is not just a camp but actually a missions trip to the world.   Every person attending will have the opportunity to visit communities in the Atlanta area that are completely international. We will be witnessing to Hindus, Muslims, Buddhist, and several other people with religions most Americans have never encountered or at least witness to. We would love to have you with us during this time. If you or your youth department is interested in attending please let me know.

I continue to ask you to be praying for the Peru Bible College.  Much support is still needed for us to continue to train the students already enrolled and for future growth.  We definitely cannot complain with the way things are now.  God has done so much for us.  We  just ask you to pray and to help financially if the Lord so leads. 

With a new semester at the Our Generation Training Center comes new students. Pray for the two new students we have. Both fill the Lord wants them in full-time mission work. There are many things they need to learn before they get to the field and we will be doing all we can to help them.

Here to serve.

Mark, Amy, Emilee, and Luke Coffey

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