Special Vision prayer requests

Trent Cornwell is preaching his granddad’s funeral today in Kentucky. Though he was saved and 90 years old it will be obviously a difficult time.

Charles Gardner, my dad, is at the doctor right now getting tests run. His heart beat is at only 42 per minute. They do not know why and will be running tests for the next 5 hours.

Stephanie Velke is in South Carolina beside the bed of her dad who is dying. This is a very difficult time for her. Her dad is a young man and she is very young. Please pray for her. Betty and I will be leaving in a few minutes to go and be with Stephanie. Please pray.

Hugh Watson is having problems with his heart and is in the hospital. His heart beat had gotten up to 200 a minute. It could be the medication but we ask that you please be praying.

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