Great report on tonight’s service!

Jeremy Hall preached tonight. I have gotten several comments that really blessed and impressed me. John Pearson sent me a text saying; “The preacher looked like Jeremy Hall but preached like D. L. Moody.

Sherry Penland wrote to tell me the following; “Missed you too, but I might have found a new Bro Plate. Jeremy did an awesome job tonight. glad that I got to hear his last stateside message! It is amazing what God has done in him.”

I had preached a message one time telling them not to look at me, the preacher, but see the meat that was being served. I ask them to look at me like the plate and see the message. That is the reference to the plate and meant as a very high compliment.

Mark Coffey said that it was Jeremy’s best message yet. Praise God for what He is doing with His man, Jeremy.

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