Who are you making trust in the Lord!

2Kings 18:30 Neither let Hezekiah make you trust in the LORD, saying,

I know that you personally can not make someone believe in the Lord. I know that God must do a work in their hearts and that they must believe, however this story is wonderful. It makes me ask the question-Who are you making trust in the Lord!

God’s people are in trouble. The enemy has come up against them. They call out to all that can hear and tell them not to let Hezekiah cause them to trust in the Lord. They warn Hezekiah that they are all going to be destroyed. Their enemy, Assyria, is too great for them.

God does deliver His people. God can be trusted. The story is a great one that shows that God does meet the needs of His people.

What I love about the story is that Hezekiah knows that he has no way out unless God works a miracle. Can I tell you that if you are unsaved you have no way out unless God works a miracle. Only He can save! Can I tell you if you are a born again Christian that you need God and what only He can do. You must trust Him!

The question that comes to my mind is, who are you making trust in the Lord? Do you trust Him? Do you believe that God is at work in your life? These are difficult times in the USA. People are living in fear. The news reports and the news makers seem to want us to live in fear.

Are you trusting God in these difficult days? Are you encouraging others to trust God? Who have you talked to about your faith? Who have you told how good God is and what He has done to save you?

Have you encouraged other Christians to trust? Have you encouraged lost people to know about God and what He has done on the cross for you and them?

Notice the phrase was making trust! I think that involves more than a casual mention of your faith. I believe it means that Hezekiah convinced them. He spoke enthusiastically with great faith. He told them that God had been good to them in the past and would be good to them again.

Are you telling people about Jesus? Are you sharing with them what God is doing in your life? Are you excited about Him and His Word? I hope you are causing, making others trust in the Lord!

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