Blessing Service for the Hall family


Last night Vision Baptist celebrated yet another Blessing Service. This time it was for Jeremy and Bekkah Hall. They are members of the Whitfield Baptist Church in Dalton, Georgia where Wayne Cofield is the pastor. They are missionaries to Peru. They will be leaving in a week for their field.

Since they are not members of our church we have a special service that we do for the missionaries that have taken part intimately in our training program and been like a special member. We have a blessing service.

Jeremy has been a wonderful friend. He has since the day he got right with the Lord been with us. We have had a great part in his training. We saw God give him his wife, Bekkah. It has been a wonderful time as God prepared him for the field.

Now they are leaving for Peru. We gave the traditional Sword and Box of letters with a love offering. We laid hands on them and prayed. We expect to see God do great things with them. I ask you to be praying for them.

If you didn’t get your letter written for the box then you can do so now and we can still get it to them.

You can keep up with what God is doing in and through them from their blog.

Also if you want to go with us we will be going to Whitfield for his ordination service on Wednesday night this next week. Let the office know and we can arrange for you to ride together.

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