My heart bursts with praise!

As I sit here this morning my heart bursts with praise as I think of how great our God is! He is working all around the world. I love the way Amazing Grace comes across in the previous post. I praise God for His amazing grace in my life.

I am so undeserving of salvation. I think of myself like one of those slaves in the bottom of that old slave ship sold to Satan to destroy me yet my great Saviour came and rescued me. Then I get to get on Skype and Facebook today and talk to two young Moroccan men that have been saved and rescued also and here their joy. All this just as the sun comes up. What a good God we serve! I can know with all this that I will be having and am already having a great day.

I get to have friends that have given their hearts and lives to travel around the world and preach the gospel and see God rescue men and women-what a privilege. I get to be part of a church that loves people and wants to see souls rescued from that slave ship.

I get to open my Bible and know God in a way that blesses and thrills me and all that because of how good He is to me. I love Him and His Word so much. He is really all the world to me.

I desperately want you to know Him and all that He has for you. There is more to life. God has a plan for you. Repent of your sin. Turn to Him and be saved.

If you are saved, quit playing games! Get in the real game and thrill to all that God has for you!

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