Pray for me

I would like to thank God for those that pray regularly for me. Yesterday morning before the service a visiting friend prayed with me. Last night David Lundy came by and we prayed together.

After church I found a note on my desk where 4 young ladies are going to meet before each service and pray for me. What a blessing!

I would like to ask you to pray that God would use me. Pray that He would give me wisdom, love, power, and all that I need to pastor like I should. I will also mention on here several prayer requests that I need you to remember in prayer if you will.

I would love to get an email or a comment here telling me that you will be praying. It will encourage me greatly.

Yesterday on twitter Trent Cornwell said he was praying for me. All of this means so much.

I got a note from somewhere on email yesterday that blessed me greatly. I got a text message on my phone. I save all of the emails and letters. They are the most precious gifts I can imagine getting. Please pray for me.

I have a Pastor’s Retreat coming it. It is costing me financially big time. Pray for me that God will provide for that. Pray that He will give me wisdom in all that should be taught and discussed. I will be working on this non stop until next Monday when it starts.

God bless each of you and thank you very much.

3 thoughts on “Pray for me”

  1. I don’t know how that you do all that you do. I know there must be many times that you feel exhausted and worn out, but I will be praying for you regularly that God will strengthen, guide, and empower you. I will pray for God to protect you and put His power on Your life. I love you, and thank you for what a great mentor you have been to me.

  2. Brother

    Michelle and I pray for you and Betty every morning and evening. I couldn’t close my eyes without praying for you and your family.

    I love you Brother

    Bob Preston

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