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I thought that I would update you on what I saw and heard today. We took a trip to an animal reserve.

As mentioned in the other two posts you can see that we were charged by elephants, ate antelope, and warthog.

What I really wanted to tell you is what I learned talking to an African man from the church here. We talked about women and their role in the family and life.

Only about 10% of the marriages are actually legal instead they have what they call a customary marriage. There is very little rape in this country however a woman is little more than property. Her parents will basically sell her to a man or his family that wish to marry her.

She is really only there for the purpose of child bearing, sexual pleasure, and serving the man by working in the fields and preparing for him. That sounds harsh and brutal but that is reality.

The man will often hit his wife. No one in her family will protect her. If she talks to her mother and dad they will say. Your dad hits me too so go deal with it.

When a girl begins her cycle the father starts to look for her husband. In the village where Keith Shumaker works the girls reach that age and just disappear. They do not marry out of choice or desire but because they are of age and their parents tell them to do so.

Many men have multiple wives. The one that cooks will sleep with her husband not the others. I met a man today who is married to sisters. He has 3 wives and 2 are sisters. The first couldn’t have children so the family gave him the second so they could have children.

A woman is not really loved. I asked how they loved their wives and he just laughed. Then he said that he might buy her clothes and things such as a bicycle.

Most women do not have security, nor kisses, nor holding hands, nor any expression of love.

I know this sounds terrible. It is. Do you have any idea what the gospel did to the condition of women in this world. Jesus gave women dignity. He gave them position. He made them joint-heirs with men. Thank God for the gospel.

An American woman should just praise God all day for the blessing of being born in America.

We need missionaries to come tell the truth of the gospel to Burkina Faso. It not only saves from hell but makes earthly life so much better.

God bless you and thank you for praying for me.

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