First Days in Burkina Faso

David Lundy and I are here in Burkina Faso with our missionaries, Keith and Rebecca Shumaker. They have four wonderful children, Emily, Meredith, Issac, and Caleb. They have started 3 churches and God is using them.

Today 6 people made professions of faith in the church that I was privileged to be preaching in. The house was full and God was really present.

We arrived here on Saturday morning at about 4 am. We got a few hours sleep and then dove right into the work. We have talked strategy, church planting, leader training, and anything else you can imagine.

I preached on Saturday night at the main church. The message has been about The Church and the doctrine of the church. They will be organizing soon and so we thought it might be good to reinforce some of the good teaching that Keith has already done.

This morning, Sunday, I was privileged to preach at one of the works in a newer area to about 25 adults. Again it was on the church and they seemed excited.

So that means that today I have preached 3 times in 2 churches and then lead the Teacher and Leader training time.

We ate at a restaurant and talked shop all day. I am tired and now we are going to bed in our air conditioned room with our friendly gecko here with us. I’m so glad that the commercial air conditioning maintenance crew came around, I can’t stand the humidity. Maybe he will be cold enough that he stays hidden. That will make both of us happier.

Tomorrow morning it is off to teach for 4 hours on BE.DO.SERVE.TRAIN. Then meet with the young men in training for a couple of hours before going on to preach tomorrow night.

Maybe now you get the idea why we are busy and can’t get to the Internet. Tuesday we are going to take a few hours and go to a park and then Wednesday night I will preach and we will go to the airport after midnight to start the long ride home.

Thank you for praying. I will give more of an update later. God bless.

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