Chris Gardner returns to Peru

This is just a note to remind you that our missionary family, Chris and Andria Gardner, have returned to the field. It has been a blessing to have them here with us while they were on furlough. We didn’t get to see them much at our church but it was a privilege to see them when we could.

They are on their way back to Arequipa. They received the pleasant surprise upon arriving in Lima that they would have to redo all of their visa work and enter like new missionaries. All of this was due to a paperwork change that happened while they were out of the country. The children had to be there to get their visas renewed, since they were in the states and did not get renewed they closed all the family visas.

It is not a big problem except for all the time and money that will be required to get them fixed again. Please pray for them as they get settled into the country again. Work will fall on them by the tons.

They are excited to be back but when you have been gone for a long time you deal with problems that have been building up for a long time.

You can imagine that things are slow and quiet for Betty right now. Here I am in Burkina Faso and the kids, Chris, Andria, and the grandkids are all in Peru. The house has to be very quiet now.

I thank God for the family that He has given us and I thank God for the church where He allows us to minister. I hope you will always be praying for me and for all of our missionaries. I especially ask you to pray for Chris and Andria and the kids as they get settled back into Peruvian life.

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