Update on Pastor Alfred Willis

Brother Willis had gone home from the hospital but here is the latest update:

Hi Everyone,
Bro. Willis was released from the hospital today but remained home only a few hours. He started having pains in his chest again and his family took him back to the hospital. I guess it was around 8 PM or a little after when Bro. Phillip called and said that they were taking him to the hospital. He is now back in ICU. They said that somehow blockages were missed and not taken care of and that is what caused it. They put in two more stents and the family was able to go in and see him. Please pray for him and his family as I know that this is a huge disappointment to them all and to all of his church family as well. Jeff went to the hospital and he has talked with me a couple of times. I am sure that he will let you know more about the situation in the morning. It is now 1:08 AM and he (Jeff) is on his way home from the hospital. I don’t know how bad this heart attack was or in what kind of shape Bro. Willis is in. Thanks so much for all of your prayers and please continue to pray! We will update you again as we find out more but it probably won’t be until 8 or 9AM.

In Christ,

Sister Jan Krontz

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