Another day in Morocco

I preached again last night to the little church here in Tangier. There are 2 Moroccan believers. The first night I preached from Acts 4 about the Persecution starting for the New Testament Church. The message really touched all the group.

There is a Peruvian family here from our ministry back in Peru and the American family. Travis Snode, member of Vision, is also here. David and I get to be in on the services. There were lots of questions and much discussion of what the Bible teaches about persecution.

Last night I preached from Acts 5 about more persecution. The first hour I just answered Bible questions and then I preached and had the message translated to Arabic by Aaron. This message was about another wave of persecution and how the church reacted.

After the message I had the privilege of talking to the missionaries and encouraging them in the faith. They, especially the wives, deal with fear which is a major weapon of Satan. Because God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love, power, and a sound mind. There were many tears and great blessings from God as we learned of His power and promises to us.

The service lasted a total of 5 hours. God really moved and encouraged me and all of them as well.

I will preach again tonight. Most likely I will preach another message from Acts about persecution. It seems to be how God is leading and is a wonderful reminder of His power.

This morning another Peruvian arrived to work in the ministry here. He is form our old ministry as well. He is here to learn the language and be able to edit the videos etc in the future. God has blessed the work in Peru in great ways.

There are now 3 Peruvians serving here and more on the way. I am asking God to raise up many Americans as well to carry the gospel to the Muslim world. I hope you will pray with me.

I will be back with more details of what God is doing here later. If you are a member of Vision I hope you will get to the mission field. See what God has for us to do. Millions need the gospel and you just might be the person God will use to get the gospel to them.

Thank you for praying for David and me.

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