Second day in Morocco

At the airport in Casablanca after getting through immigration and customs we were sitting in a restaurant waiting on our host Aaron to arrive. We watched as the people came by! After a while a bearded young Muslim man approached an older woman and man and bowed down at the lady’s feet. He began hugging the lady’s feet. She bent over and hugged his back. He stood up and kissed her over and over. From one cheek to the other then on top of the head he was kissing her. She was crying. He then hugged the man.

I can only assume who it was but it appeared to be a young man meeting a relative, maybe his mother. It was a beautiful relationship. The man was obviously Muslim because of the beard, the dress and the pants rolled up over the ankles.

I just asked the Moroccan young believer here and he said that he has never seen anything like that. He has not.

Another interesting story was the young American man who sat in front of us on the plane coming over. He said that he was coming over to get married to a Moroccan young lady. He had never met her except on the Internet. He was on his way over to get married. He was bringing her wedding dress with him. We wanted to see her for the first with him but somehow missed the meeting. He was going to marry her and take her back to the states with him. So for those of you that are having a hard time getting married you might consider the opportunity the Internet offers you of marrying a Moroccan woman without even meeting her before the wedding!

We were on the plane with a group of 11 from the CMA (Christian Missionary Alliance) on their way to Burkina Faso. Their church has made a 5 year commitment to the country and are sending groups over every year. We were impressed with their desire to do something for God.

Last night we had a service at Aaron’s house with 2 Moroccan believers. They both seemed to be very dedicated and interested in serving God. I preached from Acts 4 on the Persecution starting in the New Testament church. It was wonderful.

More to come. Comment and ask questions if you would like.

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