Great News on Pastor Alfred Willis

All I can say is MIRACLE again. I stand amazed at God’s power and the power of prayer of God’s people. The doctor came in after lunch and said that Bro. Alfred does have some damage to his heart. The doctor said in a short period of time he should be able to back to his normal self. The first view of the blockages were later determined that some were blockages from his open heart surgery 8 years ago. Yet he still has some blockages but it will be treated with medication. The two stents opened the two major blockages (they said 100% blockages). Sis. Lenora said that she will have to tie him down, because he was wanting to take a shower and to get up. When the doctor told them that he could resume his normal way of life Bro. Alfred got a big smile on his face. All that know Bro. Willis, know that he does not have a normal way of life. He burns that candle at both ends. They will be moving him this evening out of ICU to a regular room. He will remain in the hospital for 5 days or so.

I know most would say that Bro. Willis was not that bad off. He was in very bad shape and doctor’s said that if the EMT’s had not gotten there when they did he would have seen the face of our Lord on Sunday morning. God has done a great work and we praise His Name!!!!

Bro. Jeff Krontz

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