Update on Pastor Alfred Willis

Bro. Alfred Willis is doing much better today. MIRACLE!!!! I just talked to his daughter at the hospital and she said he wants to get up and take a shower. Not possible. I talked with him last night and he looked good, his color is back. He is still having some pain in his chest, but the doctor said it was probably from all they did to his heart early on Sunday Morning. They put in two stents, but he has 9 other problem areas. The doctor is supposed to come in sometime after 10:00am. I will keep you posted on any info I have about him. We are thanking God for the progress this far. Yesterday morning was not looking very good at all, but we serve a God that hears and answers prayer.
Thank you for taking the time to pray. The family is overjoyed that you would care enough to pray.

Bro. Jeff Krontz

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