Me and My house will serve the Lord!

Joshua 24:15 … but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

This is the classic verse, statement and commitment that we have all heard all of our lives. Many of us have made this commitment even if it was short lived.

Joshua is about to die and leave the nation of Israel that he loves and has led for so long. He talks to them about doing right and making right choices. The clincher statement is basically, you can do what you want but I have made up my mind for me and my family and we are going to serve God.

I think that it would do us well to consider what this statement indicates:

The first thing that I think is abundantly clear is that you as the leader of your home are making the decision that you will serve the Lord. It can be fairly easy to talk for others but what decision have you made.

As the head or leader of your home are you serving God. Can you say that you are putting Him first in your personal life? Do you have a personal devotional time each day when you read the Bible, pray, seek God, confess sin, and ask for His direction? Do you keep Him and His will in mind as you go throughout your day with the goal of honoring, glorifying and obeying Him? Do you on a daily basis take the truths you learn in your Bible reading, discussions, preaching, Sunday School class and apply them right then to your life. That question is once you know God’s will do you obey it?

The Bible truth is that you will always lead on first. It is not what you tell others to do but what you are doing. God spoke to Abraham and made a very strong statement about him. He, God, said that He knew Abraham and knew that Abraham would command his children, “after him!” Genesis 18:19

Can that be said about you? That you are first doing what God wants you to do and then after that you are commanding your family to follow your example? Are you living and acting in the way that you want your children to follow?

If you truly want to say that you and your family will serve the Lord then I ask you several questions:

Are you faithful to God’s house, to worship with others and to encourage others to serve God? Hebrews 10:24-25

Are you seeking to share your faith with others?

Do you seek to live a life that is holy and dedicated to God?

Does your life inspire the love and respect of your spouse and children? Do they see you growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ?

Do you make hard decisions that cost you to be a faithful follower of Jesus Christ?

I hope that you do serve God and want to. I hope you want to and are leading your family to serve God. One of the greatest gifts God ever gave any of us is our family and especially those small children that He placed in your care.

Their eternity in many ways rests with you. Do not be more concerned about their education or physical needs than you are their spiritual needs. I know that you love them. I know you want to protect them and help them and you should. But most importantly be concerned for their salvation and later spiritual growth. Make the decision that you and your family with serve the Lord!

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