Men don’t cry!

Last night during the Consumed Teen Revival Brother Chad Gordon was preaching. He said that while he was at the Summit that he heard me say that real men don’t cry and then basically said that he just might cry.

I just want you to know that I said that my dad said that men do not cry and that I was raised that way. I said that I do not cry very much or hardly ever but I do want all of you to know that I do not agree with this statement.

I do see how I could have been misunderstood but I do believe that real men cry! Jesus wept! John 11:35

God give us tears for souls!

1 thought on “Men don’t cry!”

  1. Trent Cornwell told me that I needed to tease you about that… It’s his fault! Love ya Brother Gardner… I’ve got to go and cry now!!

    Lord truly give us tears for souls….

    Lastly, what a wonderful work Missionary Matt Allen is doing in Papua New Guinea. Bro. Matt shared his burden and video of what God has been doing….truly God’s hand is on him and that work. Thank you Bro. Matt. I have started this morning and will continue praying for you and the work. Lord give us more men that will go!

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