Think and Make it Happen

Think and Make it Happen by Dr Augusto Cury is my latest book review. This is a book by a psychiatrist. He mentions Jesus and Bible principles in the book but it is not a Christian or religious book and the author states that clearly on page 177. He says that he is not talking about religion. This book, he says, respects any form of belief including atheism.

That being said the book has very many practical and helpful ideas. I just want you to know that you are not buying a book that is necessarily Christian. 

The book gives 12 principles that will help you learn to think correctly. The introduction starts with a statement that sums up much of the truth in the book; “One of the great ironies of being human is that we pay the most attention to the things that, in the long run, matter least — and vice versa.”

Another statement that the author makes that really struck me is “We will discover in future chapters that one of the most complex abilities of the human mind is just that: to produce thoughts and feelings that occur on their own, without our permission or invitation.”

Therefore the need to learn to think. I think that truth is very true and important. You will find that I quoted a much longer passage on another post here.

This is without a doubt a self help book but I would recommend your reading it. Let me leave you with one of his formulas: “DCD (Doubt-Criticize-Determine) is an excellent technique for managing thoughts and improving your mind!” 

I don’t want to give the book away but this is a great truth-what you believe controls you so you must doubt it. Then you must criticize or judge these thoughts and not accept every thought that comes into your head. Then you determine to be happy, secure and strong rather than enslaved by your conflicts.

So go read the book!

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