Asking for a miracle!

These are in many ways the worst of times! The economy is in the toilet. People are losing their jobs. Banks are closing and all, but I want to ask you to be praying for a miracle.

I know that all we can do right now is pray. But I want us to be asking God to give us a piece of property sooner or later. I do not know when it will be His will or where. I have no idea how we could pay. I just know that, we have not because we ask not. James 4:2

God has greatly blessed our church. We have seen Him move and I am willing to be in rented facilities for however long He wants us to be, but am still asking for our own place. 

God could answer this prayer in lots of ways. Maybe He will merge our church with another, maybe someone will generously give us a piece of land, maybe He will give us money out of no where to pay for some land but I know that I can not settle for what I can see and be satisfied. 

He is God. It is His church. I will do whatever He wants where ever He wants but I am asking Him to give us property and allow us to build. I wanted to ask you to pray with me about the same.

I am very happy where we are. It may be a business park but it is very nice and spacious. I can stay there or move somewhere else and be happy if I know that is His will but He said that I could ask and so I am asking.

God give us a piece of property when and where you desire. God help us to fill the place that you have given us to overflowing and to never allow having a rented space to be an excuse for not doing your work. God help us reach people with your gospel message. Help us to honor you more than anything else we do.

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