God hates us!

Deuteronomy 1:27  And ye murmured in your tents, and said, Because the LORD hated us, he hath brought us forth out of the land of Egypt, to deliver us into the hand of the Amorites, to destroy us.

Check out the whole story in Deuteronomy 1:21-46. This is a super strong accusation, God hates us! The story is that God had brought them to the entrance of the promised land. Moses says to them that the land is before them and God has given it to them. He warned them to not be afraid or discouraged.

He knew that the will of God would cost them. It always does, but it is worth it!

The leadership determined to send in spies to see the land. Moses was pleased with the idea. They went into the land and saw that it was tremendous. It was great. It was all that Moses had said it would be but there were many obstacles.

They saw the problems not the promises. They saw the obstacles and not the opportunities. They were afraid. They were so afraid that they rebelled against God and refused to go into the promised land.

Moses reminded them of how good God had been to them. He reminded them of how they had seem God’s power.

They still refused to go. They blamed God. They go so far as to say God hates us. He brought us out here to destroy us.

Remember where they were before right now! They were in slavery. There children were being killed or at least threatened every time a man child was born. They were crying out to God to deliver them and get them out of Egypt, slavery, and suffering. Now God does just that and they get angry with Him!

They are not only angry but throwing very hard, hurtful, extreme insults at Him. He just took us out of bad to bring us to worse. He doesn’t care about us. He wants to destroy us. He doesn’t love us He hates us!

Now we must apply that to our lives. How often do we blame God or get angry with God when things aren’t going our way or the way we think that they should go?

We know the story. We know were they were and we know where He was taking them. We can see the end from the beginning. We can see and understand the plan of God. They couldn’t nor can we when we are talking about our lives.

In the crisis moment, when the pressure is on, it is so easy to get frustrated, angry, bitter, discouraged, etc. I have been there. I have acted a lot like the Israelites. I have felt like God wasn’t treating me right. I have wondered why I couldn’t go back to the good ole days. I have been afraid of the future. I have not trusted that God was doing what was good for me. I have wanted to and even blamed God. I have wondered if He loved me or even cared that I was alive.

You can feel all holier than thou but I bet you have been there also. I confess my wicked sin right now. I apologize to the great God of Heaven for being so prideful, so bitter, so angry and not trusting Him.

I think there is much that we can learn from this lesson.

One, we need to know that God has been good to us so far. He has always brought us through up until now. We have seen His power and blessings. This will require that we become more thankful.

Two, we must realize that fear and doubt come from the devil himself who would like to keep us from enjoying all that God has for us. He wants to destroy us, to steal from us, to keep us from the abundant life that God has for us. John 10:10. We must reject fear and trust and believe God!

Three, God has the power to do all that He promises and He has promised to work out all for our best. Romans 8:28.

Last for today, He only has good things planned for us because He loves us and He is at work in our lives. The things that happen may not seem to be the best for us and especially not at the moment but He will work it out. Remember we are not here for our pleasure or our glory but His. If He gave His Son for us will He not freely give us all things! Romans 8:32

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  1. I used to wonder how the Israelites could be so foolish, how ready their hearts were to falter and shrink away from what God had given them. It amazed me that the disciples, having seen God face to face, could still question His authority and abandon Him in His hour of need.

    Then I considered my own frail state, the sum of my inadequacies, and my righteousness like “filthy rags”. Thanks for the reminder…I truly appreciate it.


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